Although the Sarsens in Stonehenge clearly come from nearby Marlborough Downs, there are conflicting explanations about how Stonehenge’s builders managed to transport the bluestones, which geologists believe originated in the Preseli Hills of Wales, to Salisbury Plain in England, where the monument was erected; some argue that they used brute muscle power to load the stones into boats and drag them overland, while another recent theory holds that an Ice Age glacier actually did the work of moving them.
Believers in UFOs, however, offer a third possibility—that extraterrestrials with advanced technology may have done the dirty work for humans. Controversial Swiss author Erich von Däniken, author of the 1968 bestseller Chariots of the Gods and other books, has promoted the idea that alien astronauts who visited Earth in ancient times had a role in the creation of Stonehenge and other giant structures that otherwise would have been beyond the ability of humans.
Another hypothesis advanced by UFOlogists is that Stonehenge’s human builders replicated the shape of an alien spacecraft to pay homage to extraterrestrial visitors, in the fashion of the cargo cult that sprang up the island of Tanna in the South Pacific, where indigenous people worshipped World War II American aviators who had brought them supplies.

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  1. In fact Stonehenge is a marker in a starmap that marks the ‘Star of RA’ or star of david, or star of duat, or the ‘circumpunct’ in freemasonry.
    Stonehenge and a few other nearby landmarks make up the same starmap as the pyramids of giza, Ankhor wot, Tikal, the xaioling tombs, The Vatican, London, Paris, Washington DC, and a bunch of others.
    So, who has been building starmaps in cities throughout the centuries, even millenia ?
    Well, the Freemasons designed London, Paris, and Washington DC.
    But wait…there’s more !
    This info shows a continued knowledge passed down from thousands and thousands of years ago, and used throughout that time, AND all over the world.
    This shows a knowledge of history reaching much further than what we’re taught, and also an ability to circumnavigate long before what we’re taught.
    HISTORY IS A LIE, and the proof is all around us.
    But wait….(for the Ginsu knife set) there’s more.
    The same starmap can be found at Cydonia…..on Mars !
    Yeah, I know, I know…..but have a look for yourself before you hang me.
    Go to ‘TheHiddenRecords’ website.
    I even have an email from the Vaticans most famous historian, Robert Moynihan, verifying the Vatican starmap, and the reason for the ‘Crusades’ being to wipe out all knowledge of this starmap to keep for the select few.
    Have fun.

  2. mccoy helle Says:


  3. Are the aliens still their today??/

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