Hopi Indians Kachina

The Peaceful People, Hopi, live in northeast Arizona to this present day and are believed to be descendants from cultures to the north, east and south. One of their ancestors is the Anasazi, who directly relate to the Aztec culture. Though many civilizations maintain beliefs of descending from the sky, the Hopi believe they came up from the ground.

One of the many Hopi legends specifically referrers to the Ant People who inhabit the heart of the Earth. Depictions of the Ant People strongly resemble modern day gray alien sighting reports. The Hopi believe at the end of this cycle of time, the star people and star knowledge will return. Known as Blue Kachina, the star people went to the heart of the Earth to be protected during the destruction of the last cycle of time.

 It is important to note the legend of the Blue Kachina also coincides with Mayan prophecy and the modern Planet X theory suggesting an interconnection between Hopi beliefs and those of the Ancient Mayans.

Further prophecies relate to similar creation stories found throughout different cultures. It is believed there existed 5 stone tablets. One was kept by the creator, two given to the Hopi themselves, and the remaining two given to brothers in history to be brought back together when the world reunites in peace.

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